Fit to Flatter – A How To with Lindsey Rae

Lindsey is back to teach at Kimz and we are super excited!Lindsey is an amazing teacher, and her knowledge of garment sewing and sewing machine know how is exceptional.

Lindsey is the founder of Sew To Grow and is passionate about sewing and education in the sewing industry. She has already been to Kimz teaching her "Urban Outlook" tote, teaching our ladies how to work with leather. You can check it out here.

This time Lindsey is coming in to teach you how to make your garment fit to flatter. Doesn't that sound great? With 4 designs to choose from including dresses and tops, you are sure to get noticed for all the right reasons and best of all feel comfortable and confident.

The Sweet Summertime Dress features no zippers, a fitted waist and cap sleeves this pattern is sure to be a wardrobe staple all season long!

The Noosa Shift features two sleeve options (sleeveless and flutter), pockets, t-shirt hem and elasticized waist.

The Sweet Summertime Peplum features no zippers, a fitted waist and cap sleeves. So on trend!

For all the information you need on this weekend workshop including dates, price and requirements, click here.

We can't wait for Lindsey to again inspire and work her magic in our classroom. Places are limited so please ensure you register to avoid disappointment.

Happy Stitching! Kimz Team x

Quilt As You Go Class

If you have ever wanted to try Quilt As You Go we can highly recommend the Sea Spray Quilt pattern by the incredibly talented Monica Poole. Our ladies have had a ball making their very own quilts over 2 classes.

Tina has made her quilt graduating the values of grey and navy fabric.

Barb is making a blue and white quilt for her mother

Sharon is making her quilt in Batik fabrics.

Donna is using up some of her blue fabrics.

Dominque is making a quilt for her husband in blacks, greys and oranges.

Juanita is making her nephew a quilt for his birthday.

Juanita is making her nephew a quilt for his birthday.

Here are the results from the two classes with just a little more work to do, our ladies will have their very own quilts in single and queen size.

Happy Stitching! Kimz Team x

We’ve Been Revamped

Look out everyone.... we've been revamped inside and out!
Our store front has had a fantastic makeover from the team at Saber Signs and we are loving how fresh it looks from the outside and also the inside.
We have plenty of Janome, Bernina and bernette machines ready to demonstrate with the latest technology available to make your sewing experience the most enjoyable it can be. Come in for a look at what there is to offer or check them out online.
Some new faces instore to greet and assist you when you come in include Melissa and Maddie (above) who happens to be Kim's daughter. Kim, Christine, Pamela and tech Mitch are still here to help.
With more fabrics arriving each week, you are sure to find the perfect match for your projects. We stock a large range of Batiks, Moda Grunge, Devonstone and Kona Solids. As well as the Jennifer Sampou Sky range. Shown above left is the Entwine range from Guicy Guice and in the bottom right Stealth from Libs Elliott. We also stock Wool Felt for lovers of Wendy Williams applique.
Hand sewing has become more popular over the last year and to keep up with the increasing demand we have now stocked a wide range of specialty threads including Cosmo embroidery thread, Wonderfil Eleganza thread and Wonderfil Spagetti and Fruitti Threads.
A huge range of bag making supplies including products by Emmaline, Voodoo Rabbit and By Annie which are available online and in store in a large variety of styles and colours.
So if you have not been into Kimz for some time you may want to take a trip in to check out all of the wonderful new items available or have a look at the website for more goodies.
Happy Stitching! Kimz Team x

Fabric Scrunchie Tutorial

Fashion trends always repeat and the good old Scrunchie from the 90's has made a massive return. Using scrunchies is also better for your hair than elastic hair bands as they create less friction and breakage on hair.... plus we can make them ourselves in fabric that we love.

We've chosen a super cute Golden Grove Cockatoo fabric available here to make our scrunchie sample. You can use many different types of fabric to create your own one of a kind hair accessory so have fun with different types of textures and colours.

To make one scrunchie, you will need the following: Fabric piece measuring 4" x 18" Elastic 8"-9" (8" for finer hair 9" for thicker hair) Thread that will match the colour of the fabric Sewing machine, pins and scissors Bodkin (optional)

Fold your fabric piece right sides together along the long edge. Measure in from both ends approx. 1" and pin (if you use red headed pins it will make it easier to know when to start and stop). Pin in-between the red headed pins using different coloured pins to keep the raw edges together.

Now at your sewing machine, align the side of the presser foot with the raw edges of the fabric and start sewing at the first red pin ensuring you back-stitch to secure. Remember to take the pins out before you sew over them as this can damage your machine and/or break your needle.

Stop at the last red pin and back-stitch to secure.

Turn the fabric tube right side out. This can be a little fiddly so to make this task easier you could use a Loop Turner or a Turn it All tool.

Take the raw fabric edges from both ends of the tube and align these edges with right sides together. You won't be able to align the whole length of the seam, just the start to begin with will be fine.

This step can be a little awkward. Just go slow and just start at the beginning, working the raw edges together as you sew until you get to the end.

Pull on both sides of the joined tube until the seam you have just sewn slips inside.

Keeping one end of the elastic out of the fabric tube, thread the opposite end through, until both ends of the elastic are coming out of the tube coming from each direction. We've used a

Insert the elastic inside of the fabric tube and tuck the raw edges of the fabric into the opening.

Edge stitch along the folded edge to enclose the raw seams and to close the opening and....

I hope you enjoy making these fabric scrunchies! They really are fun and quick to make and great to teach kids who want to learn how to sew. Please share any that you create with us because we'd love to see them.

Happy Stitching! Kimz Team x

Joining Piping Ends Tutorial

Piping makes an impressive addition to bags, cushions and sew much more. Some of the patterns I have come across that include the addition of piping, have often given the instruction to overlap the piping cords and sew straight over both, leaving a bulk that, I think, detracts from the overall finish.

For a nice professional finish when joining your piping, here is my go to technique. For this tutorial I had already made my piping with a size 0 cord and fabric strips cut on the bias. This technique will work with any sized piping whether it is pre-made or self made.

With the start of your piping, unpick approximately one inch of stitching. Open out the fabric and trim the piping cord back to the stitching.

Refold the fabric and place on the project you are making. Gently angle the unpicked fabric off the edge (see above) and start sewing the piping cord in place around your project reversing at the start.

Stop when you are close to the start of the piping and reinforce. Overlap the ends of piping and feel where the shortened cord is, which was cut at the start. Place a pin in the piping end at the same point. See middle image. Unpick the stitching on the piping to the pin.

Open out the fabric and cut the cord up to the pin. When the piping end is placed on top of the piping start, the cords should not overlap, but butt up to one another while encased in fabric. This ensures a nice smooth finish.

Angle the fabric ends off the project as shown in the images above and continue to sew these into place. There should be no resistance from overlapped cords and no empty piping leaving a dip.

It should now look like the above image when stitched in place. Trim your fabric ends to remove any bulk from the seam and continue making your project. Your piping is now joined.

Happy Stitching! Kimz Team x