Here is a fun little Thread Flower for you to try.  They are simple, fun and can adorn just about anything you desire.

 You will need the following to make Thread Flowers:

An assortment of threads (variegated and metallic look great)  and if you have one, a Thread Stand will make this task all the more smoother.

A washer and a brooch back.  Your BSR foot for your Bernina machine (for other brands, use your darning foot).
Not shown but required are a Stanley knife, a business card with hole slightly larger than the washer size, sticky tape, your sewing machine and needle and thread to attach the brooch back.

Take your washer in one hand and your threads in the other. 

While holding onto your washer also hold onto the start of your threads you are using.  With your other hand start to wrap the threads around the washer.

Rhonda is super quick at these (I couldn’t get a clear picture as she is lightning fast)

You should have something that looks like this.  

 Tape your flower into the middle of a business card securing your thread ends.  This makes your flower easier to handle under your machine.

Using your BSR foot (or darning foot) decrease your foot pressure and stitch in circular motions securing the threads in the centre of the flower.

Your centre should look similar to this one above.

Now using your Stanley knife, cut the thread around the edge of the washer.  You may like to use two washers instead of one to run the knife in between when cutting the threads. 

Remove your flower.  The washer you use will determine the finished size of your thread flower. 

Now simply attach your brooch back using needle and thread and pin onto anything you like for a gorgeous whimsical look. 
If you have any questions regarding the making of these cute Thread Flowers please don’t hesitate to comment, email, phone or drop into our store.

 Happy Stitching! Kimz Team x

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