Including a Quilt Label to our finished quilts is something I’ve noticed many quilters tend to leave off. Why do we do this after we have laboured days, months even years to create an original work of art? Creating quilt labels may sound like a daunting task but really what you are doing is preserving valued information for future generations to enjoy.

So what information could you include on your quilt label?

  • Your name (you’ve done the hard yards, put your name on it and be proud!)
  • The date or place the quilt was made
  • The name of the recipient
  • If there was a specific event for which the quilt was made eg. wedding, birthday, graduation
  • Special care instructions to increase the longevity of the quilt
Quilt Labels Maroochydore
Example of Machine Embroidered Quilt label with detachable care instructions

1. Write on Pre-printed quilt labels or Fabric

For this technique ensure you are using a Permanent Ink Fabric Marker like the Sewline Stayer Pen to ensure the ink does not bleed, smudge or wash out. If you are worried your handwriting isn’t the best, use a computer to create your label and print onto paper, dark enough to see through the fabric. Lay your label fabric piece over the top of the printout and trace slowly using your fabric marker. Pre-printed Quilt labels usually include a light printed frame and sometimes a cute image like the Bronwyn Hayes Quilt Labels pictured below.

Quilt labels warana quilting pre printed fabric labels
Bronwyn Hayes of Red Brolly – Pre-printed Quilt Labels

There are also many downloadable blank quilt labels that you can use to add your information to. Here is one we have created for you as a free download.

2. Print your label onto Printable Fabric or use Transfer Artist Paper

Design a quilt label using your computer. Follow the directions included in the packaging and print onto Inkjet Printable Fabric. To use the Transfer Artist Paper, reverse your quilt label before printing. You can then iron to transfer directly to the back of your quilt or onto a separate fabric piece to then be stitched onto the quilt.

3. Machine Embroidery or Alphabet Stitches

Using computer software that digitizes embroidery designs (like Janome Artistic Digitizer or Bernina Embroidery Software), create your label and save as a file your machine will recognize eg. Janome = jef, Bernina = exp. Upload the file to the embroidery machine and stitch out onto hooped fabric. You will need to have an embroidery machine to make this type of quilt label, like the samples below. Alternately if your sewing machine can stitch letters, you can also use these for a similar type of quilt label.

Whichever method you choose to create your quilt label, I highly encourage you to add this personal touch to your finished quilt, as it lives on through the decades and is cherished for the warmth and comfort it brings.

Happy Sewing!

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