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Sewline Duo Fine Fabric Marker + Eraser


The precise ceramic roller ball gives a clean fine line.  No need press hard, the roller ball glides over fine fabrics with an even ink lay down.  Use the DUO Eraser pen to cleanly remove marking.  Simply lightly guide the chisel point of the Eraser along the ink line.  The ink will be removed even after being on the fabric for some time.

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Sewline Duo Fine Fabric Marker + Eraser

The Sewline DUO marker gives clean, clear lines with an even flow onto the fabric and without bleeding or penetrating into the fabric layers.  The DUO Eraser contains a non toxic ‘antidote’ so when you guide the chisel point over the marks they simply evaporate away.

This Sewline ink is breakthrough technology. Tested to ensure that once erased, marks will not reappear. Importantly, when marks are under stitching and have been for many months, they will still cleanly erase.

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